We are currently printing tracts for Mexico and Central America. We have orders for over 18 million Gospel tracts. Please pray with us as we print and ship these.

We also want to say “Thank you!” God has blessed the Fellowship Tract League with so many friends who have partnered with us. Your prayer and financial support make it possible for God’s Word to be printed and provided freely to all those who ask. Fellowship Tract League has provided tracts free as the Lord provides since 1978. By the end of this year FTL will have given away over 4.75 billion tracts in over 200 countries and territories around the world. Because the need for the Gospel is greater every day, we are asking for your help in such a time as this! The addition project has started and much construction has been done. We have been mentioning a much-needed building addition for some time now... (Read more)

If you would like to give to the building addition, you may do so here.


The Fellowship Tract League has recently updated our presentation. The new presentation can be viewed by clicking play. The video is also available to be sent as a DVD that can be played in your church. If you are interested in receiving a DVD, please call us at 513-494-1075 or write to us at PO Box 164, Lebanon, Ohio 45036.



Flat Rate International Boxes - In Winter of 2017, the United States Postal Service raised the price for the Flat Rate International Boxes (FRIBs) that we use to ship tracts to foreign countries. The new cost is $65 - $71 per 3,500 and $86 - $92 per 5,0000 depending on the country... (Read more)

New tract - We have a tract that is designed to help reach the youth. 139b is the tract: "Is There Something Missing in your Life?"

The Fellowship Broadcast - We're on the radio! The Fellowship Broadcast is what we like to call the radio voice of the Fellowship Tract League. We are currently on 27 stations, and are in the process of expanding! Please pray that this... (Read more)


The Winter 2019 OnTract is finished! If you would like to be on our mailing list, please call us at 513-494-1075.

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FTL Addition - The Fellowship Tract League is producing over 100 million tracts every year, and the demand is still greater than we can produce... (Read more)

India Container - We have sent a container to Northern India. It has arrived at Chil Chil Baptist Church and... (Read more)

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