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Please remember to pray for the needs represented here on this page. The needs of this ministry are great, but we have a greater God. Thanks for all you do, and God bless!


The Winter 2017 OnTract is finished! Praise the Lord for all of our volunteers, who helped us mail the OnTract out. If you would like to be on our mailing list, please call us at 513-494-1075

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This brochure is effective in showing the need for gospel tracts and the way tracts are used. It is a very encouraging and beneficial brochure. If you would like to order some of these, please call us at 513.494.1075 or place an order and in the comments put "The World's Greatest Missionary" and the quantity you would like.

Please be sure to inform us of which of the covers you would like. Cover 1 or Cover 2


We are updating tract covers! Many of our tracts have had the same design for many years, and it as been a very simple design; a block of color, clipart and the tract title. However, with the new press we are now capable of printing high-quality photos, even full color! The newest tract covers are listed below. Be sure to check back often as this is a work in progress and we will be adding more tracts to this list!

Please note: Full color tracts are only available in English, Spanish and a few foreign languages. We are praying to get our second press so we will be able to print all our foreign tracts in full color. If the English tracts listed below are also available in Spanish, they have also been updated.


Standard Air Mail is the new M-bag and is replacing Global Bulk Economy bags. Several years ago, we shipped all foreign orders via M-bag, but most recently we have used Global Bulk Economy, which is no longer available effective August 1, 2011. Tracts shipped via Standard Air Mail will arrive in 1-2 months after they leave our office, and are shipped in boxes of approximately 2,200 tracts. The cost of the Standard Air Mail varies from country to country, so please call us if you are interested in the cost of a certain country. The cost of shipping a Flat Rate International Box (FRIB) is $65 - $71 per 3,500 tracts. While Standard Air Mail is a slower form of shipment, but it enables us to put more tracts in foreign fields, ultimately resulting in more souls being saved.


In Winter of, 2017, the United States Postal Service raised the price for the Flat Rate International Boxes (FRIBs) that we use to ship tracts to foreign countries.

The new cost is $65 - $71 per 3,500 and $86 - $92 per 5,0000 depending on the country being shipped to. This is a great need for getting tracts to the foreign fields.


We would like to thank our three newest mail centers for partnering up with us to ship the Gospel! Mail centers are a blessing to us because they save money and time, and they give local churches the opportunity to be directly involved with shipping the Gospel. As of April, 2011, we have sixteen mail centers, three of which are outside of the United States.

Fellowship Baptist Church - Ellorree, South Carolina

Pastor John Salazar and the Fellowship Baptist Church of Ellorree, South Carolina is our newest mail center. They will now have the opportunity to ship tracts all over the United States. Welcome aboard!

First Baptist Church - Bridgeview, Illinois

Pastor Bill Clark and the First Baptist Church of Bridgeview, Illinois, is a mail center. The First Baptist Church has been a friend to the Fellowship Tract League for over 20 years! During this time, they have shipped m-bags and sponsored Flat Rate International Boxes.

Crossroads Baptist Church - Shipshewana, Indiana

We would like to welcome aboard Pastor Mark Suever and the Crossroads Baptist Church in Shipshewana, Indiana. Crossroads Baptist Church began shipping in March of 2011. The church has a heart for souls and is very excited about shipping tracts for the Fellowship Tract League.

Mail centers oustside of the United States

  • Canada
  • India
  • Mexico
  • Philippines
    We're on the radio! The Fellowship Broadcast is what we like to call the radio voice of the Fellowship Tract League. We are currently on 36 stations, and are in the process of expanding! Please pray that this will educate more people about the Fellowship Tract League, and help generate some much-needed support. Please pray with us that God would use the Fellowship Broadcast in a mighty way.
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