Our single biggest expense is paper. One Roll is approximatley $250.00 that will produce 125,000 Tracts. We normally purchase about 85-90 rolls costing $23,000 in a month, but this fall we had more than normal large orders and by faith purchased around 169 rolls of paper costing over $42,000. The last $22,610 will be mailed to the Paper Company on November 18. Will you pray as God supplies the funds to pay this bill? It is hard to to turn down opportunities to get tracts into the Philippines, Honduras, Mexico, India, Peru and countless other nations. As of right now we have sent out over 113 million tracts for 2014 and hope to finish the year with over 130 million tracts sent out all free of charge. That is 10 million over 2013.

Chuck Stanbery



We would like to thank everyone that has used goodsearch to raise funds for the Fellowship Tract League. Through the goodsearch and goodshop we have raised over $1,000! If you are not familiar with the goodsearch, it is a free way to search the web and raise a penny for each search. The goodshop is a way to raise money by purchasing items online. You will pay the same amount, but a percentage of your purchase will go to us. These are easy ways to help raise funds.


Flat Rate International Boxes - In Winter of 2013, the United States Postal Service raised the price for the Flat Rate International Boxes (FRIBs) that we use to ship tracts to foreign countries. The new cost is $59.95 per 3,500 and $77.95 per 4,200 to all countries... (Read more)

New tract - We have a tract that is designed to help reach the youth. 139b is the tract: "Is There Something Missing in your Life?"

The Fellowship Broadcast - We're on the radio! The Fellowship Broadcast is what we like to call the radio voice of the Fellowship Tract League. We are currently on 27 stations, and are in the process of expanding! Please pray that this... (Read more)


The Fall 2014 OnTract is finished! If you would like to be on our mailing list, please call us at 513-494-1075.

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FTL Addition - The Fellowship Tract League is producing over 100 million tracts every year, and the demand is still greater than we can produce... (Read more)

India Container - We have sent a container to Northern India. It has arrived at Chil Chil Baptist Church and... (Read more)

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